Jackelyn sought out to create awareness and build more community towards further amplifying the spread of this specific injusticement that happened at an intersection very close to home. Monique Munoz was a great smart member in the community, she deserves to be recognized and respected. By shooting, editing and designing this video, she hopes more people are able to educate themselves on why things like this happen and what it means for the people. 

Through the death of this innocent woman, a heavy reckless teen gets to walk free because of his father. The system shouldn’t work in favor of some. This is just one example of many car accident deaths(especially around people of color) that are often swept under the United States carpet. 

If you aren’t aware of the occurrence that caused protests for Monique Munoz, please read the bio on the YouTube video below. Our sister still has yet to receive the Justice she deserves. Video contains narration of Monique Munoz’s step father.