Queer Baby is Jackelyn Santiago’s first ever Short film. Filled with majestic elements, Queer Baby showed the potential that she brings as a Queer Latinx Filmmaker. Focusing on making more important stories known, Queer Baby is the first of many Jackelyn Santiago will bring to the film and media world.

Jackelyn Santiago started Queer Baby from a personal struggle that she found potential in sharing. Writing it, she knew the purpose and the message she wanted to share with her viewers. One that hasn’t been done before as this film is targeted towards Queer Womxn of Color that may relate to what Jackelyn brings out on screen. Not only did she write the script, but she brings this story to life as director. Leading the film as the writer, director and starring character, her skills were strengthening her as an artist but also strengthened Queer Baby.

Queer Baby; the first ever short film made at the Center of Media and Design over at Santa Monica College. It welcomed diverse thinking and creativity from the crew that brought this film together. Many of whom are first time crew members and thus learned by being hands-on day by day on set. Jackelyn made sure to accommodate to all of her crew by having an open and welcoming environment so that everyone on set can benefit and get closer to where they wish to get professionally. Although this is a Santiago film, her team brought the elements needed to make this film what it is today. Queer Baby is currently traveling around film festivals; shown through selected screenings.

The trailer is available below. If you’d like to see the whole film, please reach out. Thank you for reading.