During Spring, Jackelyn interned at Outfest for their Fusion Film Festival which is a Queer People of Color Film Festival. She was able to advanced her knowledge in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design as she developed and organized social media content like gifs, filters, flyers for events and screenings, and story posts. One example would be how Outfest wanted a weekly fun questionnaire on instagram and so the communication manager, Andrae Vigil Romero, and Jackelyn organized the “Name that Queer film” where viewers were given a certain amount of emojis to guess the queer film that was presented to them.

Jackelyn also assisted in the planning and organizing of the marketing plan for Outfest Fusion 2020. Andrae and Jackelyn tracked posts, reviewed analytics and datas to see what attracted the most attention to what didn’t work out so well.

Jackelyn created the annual Outfest Fusion 2020 Filmmaker features which were to showcase the queer filmmakers who had their films featured in the Outfest Fusion 2020 Film Festival. She scheduled the interviews, shot, designed and edited the features together. From scheduling, setting everything up with equipment and marketing plan, designing the title card/lower thirds to placing them on Outfest’s Youtube and other social accounts, Jackelyn had a crucial role and responsibility to the success of Outfest Fusion 2020. Example of a title card Jackelyn created is below

During the days of the festival, Jackelyn was in charge of Outfest’s Instagram and thus created back-to-back story posts. However, she didn’t stop there as she also took on the role of providing as much photos and BTS footage as she could for each day of Fusion. Jackelyn values Outfest and its mission and thus cared deeply about bringing forth all the best possible content so that Fusion 2020 would be a great success.