During the 8 months of a graphic design internship with New Cadence Productions, Jackelyn provided the following responsibilities:

-Tracked and logged data into spreadsheets and excel for NCP optimization and research. Pulled from these data charts to build an in-depth media research report using programs like Canva.
-Developed motion graphics for social media collaterals including holiday graphics, voting graphics, announcements, memes and features.
-Sketched and completed book covers used during production. Working on adobe suite programs where Jackelyn was in collaboration with the art director who pushed her graphical skills.
-Provided feedback and broke down NCP scripts to their essence for improvements in representation, authenticity, reality as well as profit, business and how it will attract audience/potential executive producers.
-Attended NCP weekly meetings, Social media meetings and one-on-one meetings for project collaboration

The following are my graphical work

Christmas Holiday Graphic