LA COLLAB is a collective impact group of entertainment industry leaders, professionals and allies, supported by the Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Given by their name, their main mission is to collaborate with entertainment leaders, professionals, studios, to develop more opportunities for uprising Latinx/e creators.

From the 2018 Annenberg annual media report, only about 3% of latinx people work in this industry while 25% of box office comes from the latinx community. Given how low the numbers of latinx professionals are in the field, LA Collab works to double this number by the year 2030.

During their launch in January, Jackelyn came to the organization as a graphic design and marketing intern where she created spreadsheets, developed research for LA Collab, pulled all the press release from the launch event, and even initially drafted the official website of LA Collab.

In a quarter of two months, Jackelyn developed a visual presentation of the LA Collab website using Squarespace, wrote copy for social media posts and organized content for the organization; creating and using spreadsheets.

Thanks to LA Collab, Jackelyn learned expectations needed for a company to begin from scratch to launch, organize content for a media launch and learn more of how an organization starts from a marketing and creative perspective. LA Collab is a group of amazing hard working strong creative professionals from Beatriz Acevedo to others like Eva Longoria!

LA Collab is thriving for a common mission as Jackelyn: to create more unity, collaboration between the people that have power with the ones that may not have as much as they do. Hopefully this can allow for more minority communities to rise up in the industry. Thank you for reading!