In April 22, 2020, Vanessa Guillen was killed in the hands of another soldier who committed suicide after authorities found him guilty of Vanessa Guillen’s murder. Unfortunately, Guillen is one of the many soldiers that experience sexual harassment, assault and whose accusations are not taken into serious measures by the US Military. Guillen’s family has rose up to fight against this happening once again and will fight for Guillen to never be forgotten as others have. They started the #IamVanessaGuillen initiative that has recently passed as the I am Vanessa Guillen Bill(2021) that requires a third party to be involved when a sexual harassment case starts not just going directly to a higher official.

Jackelyn created this poster to bring more awareness to the demands of the family and shared it via social media to get the attention of her followers in this issue. We are all interconnected and thus our fights should always unite for the sake of our humanity’s future. Biden has now as of December 2021 signed this bill into office.