Promo Pathways set up new challenges for Jackelyn. This one involved telling four different stories in just 6 seconds. Jackelyn found content she’s passionate about sharing and uses her writing and editing skills to make a 6 second promo just as powerful as any promo. Editing these pieces on Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, Jackelyn enhanced her editorial skills on both programs as well as her storytelling skills to find the true purpose of these promos and seeing what fits in well to tell its purpose in the most powerful way possible.

Good Luck America Promo

This Social piece is about a show that stands on providing politics; educating its audience on what’s affecting them without any source of manipulation around the information. That kind of a message Jackelyn stands for and thus she made a playful promo that goes with the theme of the show.

One Day at a Time Social Promo

One Day at a Time(2017) is a Netflix Series surrounding a Cuban Family that speaks on many issues the Latinx community struggle with. One of the first shows to ever use the word “Latinx,” a gender neutral term used to include all of the Latinx(also Latine/Latino) community especially for those that don’t identify as neither male nor female. Jackelyn crafted this promo to bring more awareness to content that are bringing more inclusivity and revolutionary influence in the industry. This 6 second promo tells a story that is common in the Latinx community; Leaving your native home to form a better future for your family.

MitĂș Promo

Mitu is a Social Media Network built around providing positive and Influential representation of the Latinx/e Community. Their message is centered around giving minority communities more opportunities to enhance their skills needed to work in the Film and Media industry. From this message, Jackelyn knows the significance such a movement has and thus decided that MitĂș is a perfect candidate to bring into Promo Pathways.

Mad Max Fury Road Promo

Mad Max Fury Road is one of the most amazing action films to be filmed, given the setting, the story it tells, and so many other factors that makes this feature length film unique to its time. Jackelyn edited this piece because the film spoke to her as a filmmaker who crafts content outside of other’s expectations.